Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Services

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Computer Aided Drafting

Jacobson Engineering Services uses Solidworks for all required computer aided drafting services. Solidworks offers advanced 2D and 3D conceptual design and simulation services that can guide your part or product from design to manufacturing while providing input on how it will function.


Proven software

Solidworks is a proven and industry leading computer aided design (CAD) software package; trusted by government and industry leaders worldwide. Solidworks allows us to perform the following critical steps in the design process:

  1. Conceptualization through 3D computer models & 3D scanning capabilities

  2. Initial design, component and assembly configuration capabilities

  3. File output capable of 3D printing .3mf, .stp, .igs, etc. for prototyping and proof of concept

  4. Creation of 2D drawings using ASM & ISO standard templates and GD&T

  5. Production ready drawings

Beyond Drafting

Computer aided design & drafting services allow for the creation of a variety of tooling, parts, specifications, and machines/assemblies ready to be manufactured. For a precise and detailed designing process, JES’s use of Solidworks allows for an unparalleled design and manufacturing experience.

CAD services, beyond drafting include but are not limited to:

  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Product specification generation
  • Patent drawing and CAD file creation